The Institute and The Academy

Different Roles But One Goal!

There has been much confusion among CHMMs as to the difference between the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) and the Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (ACHMM). These organizations have different roles and responsibilities, but together they make the CHMM Program what it is, the premier certification in the environmental services industry!

The CHMM credential was created in 1984 by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management. The Institute is a credentialing organization; its' function is to certify test and recertify CHMMs. Since the Institute is a credentialing organization it cannot have members; therefore, it cannot provide membership benefits and services.  Once individuals became CHMMS, they quickly realized they needed a way to communicate with one another, to share their knowledge and expertise with their peers, exchange ideas and information as well as to inform others about their credential in order to make the certification recognized and worthwhile. Out of this need, the Institute organized a subsidiary and the national Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers was born.

The Academy is the membership organization for CHMMS.  It is the only national organization devoted completely to the recognition and professional development of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers.
While the Institute certifies and recertifies, the Academy works to pull together the more than 8,000 CHMMS.  Brought together to interact and network, these CHMMs create a vast and valuable resource of information, experience and ideas.  The Academy disseminates this information through a number of membership benefits such as a quarterly newsletter, ACHMM web page with a Question & Answer Forum, and local chapters and committees.  Currently, the Academy has over 60 chapters across the nation. Numerous national and local committees represent the credential to government academics and industry to gain recognition and value for the CHIMM program.

The ACHMM National Conference with technical sessions covering every aspect of the hazardous materials profession as well as exhibits, provides CHMMs the opportunity to hone their skills, pick up new and valuable knowledge, fulfill their annual certification requirement of 20 hours of continuing education, and interact nationally with their peers.

The Academy also assists CHMMs in finding new or better employment by posting resumes and available positions on the ACHMM web page, as well as linking to other environmental sites. Other member benefits include affiliations with other professional organizations which provide CHMMS with discounts and educational credits. All Academy members are also eligible for national awards and given a national and local forum for technical presentations and papers.

Becoming certified by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management is only the beginning of the CHMM program. The Academy was created to further the credential and each CHMM. The Institute and the Academy separately incorporated 1995 in order to maintain the highest of integrity for the certification.  Now through an affiliation agreement they continue to each carry out their same roles and responsibilities that together guarantee the success of each CHMM, and the CHMM Program. Working together, the organizations will continue to keep the CHMM credential at the forefront of the environmental industry.