Our Purpose

Our purpose is to:
  • Cultivate, promote and sustain the profession of hazardous materials management.

  • Elevate and maintain the professionalism and education of hazardous materials managers.

  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas to improve hazardous materials management programs.

  • Represent the common interests of the members of the hazardous materials management profession.

  • Contribute to the protection of human health and the environment.

The CHMM Credential

The Institute of Hazardous Materials Managment (IHMM) created the CHMM credential in 1984. The credential represents only the beginning of a career-long journey for a hazardous materials professional. Membership in the Academy creates professional status and nurtures a source of livelihood. ACHMM creates growth and value for the certification program through:

  • Quality education programs and activities

  • Technical information resources

  • Developing ethical standards for the profession

  • Helping define industry standards

  • Interacting with other technical organizations

  • Encouraging public and private agencies to include the CHMM credential in their contract requirements

  • Career planning and employment networking

  • Presentation of the annual technical conference

  • Awareness of new developments affecting hazardous materials managers

  • Publications and quarterly newsletters

  • Internet presence with links to chapter home pages, regulatory and government agencies and other resources

  • Networking opportunities