How To Become A CHMM

Once you have learned a little about us and the benefits of being a chapter member, you are probably wondering "how do I obtain the CHMM credential". 

Certification Requirements
All candidates for CHMM certification must have a baccalaureate degree (or higher) from an accredited college or university and pass a professional multiple-choice examination developed and administered by IHMM.  Eligibility to sit for the exam, and the level of certification, are determined by the candidate’s education and experience.

Candidates for certification must have achieved a significant level of education and experience and then demonstrate that knowledge and skill by passing a rigorous examination which tests for:

  • An understanding of the basic principles involved in the science and technologies pertaining to hazardous materials management, including: chemistry, physics, biology, geology/hydrology, toxicology, and engineering;
  • Knowledge of the Federal regulatory framework relating to hazardous materials management;
  • Competence and maturity of judgment in managing environmental programs and resources.

Once candidates have successfully completed these requirements, they must pledge to maintain the highest standards of integrity through the CHMM Code of Ethics and must demonstrate continued competence by undergoing recertification every five years.

Levels of Certification
Master Level: Attainment of a degree (as described above) in a field related to hazardous materials management/ engineering plus seven years of experience in hazardous materials management or a related field, including responsibility for developing, implementing, directing and/or evaluating one or more related program activities.

Senior Level: Attainment of a degree (as described above) plus three years of appropriate experience in hazardous materials management or a related field.

The CHMM exam is available at various locations throughout the year. A schedule of dates and locations is posted on the IHMM web site. Candidates must apply to IHMM at least six weeks in advance and be found eligible to sit for the exam. Application forms are also available on the IHMM web site.

The CHMM examination encompasses knowledge of science and technology, regulations, and maturity of judgment regarding management of programs and resources. It is a closed-book test, consisting of 160 multiple-choice questions to be answered in a three-hour period.

For a list of exam topics and more information download the CHMM Program Overview Brochure.  The ACHMM also offers a National Overview Course to help you prepare to take the CHMM Examination.  Be sure to check out the course calendar for locations and dates.

If you have any questions about becoming a CHMM, feel free to contact us at